A Preview of What’s to come…

I’m hoping to update as regularly as possible however I have a weekend in London coming up and a Television Studies exam on Wednesday which is going to be my main priority, but for now here’s a little taste (excuse the pun) of what will be coming up later next week…

“We’re Off to see the Wizard”

 This coming Saturday I will be attending a performance of “The Wizard of Oz” at the London Palladium, in which the lead role  of  Dorothy will be portrayed by reality television winner Danielle Hope. Therefore my next review will branch out into a  different  yet a close field to film and TV, the theatre. This will be interesting as the production has been developed through  television in terms of casting, also the 1939 MGM motion picture happens to be one of my all time favourite childhood films.

“They’re Not Vampires, They’re Douchebags!”

 After recently watching the Season Six episode of “Supernatural” titled “Live Free or Twi-Hard” (#6.5) I have been inspired  into exploring the concept of vampires within a film and television context, from the terrifying days of Nosferatu and Dracula  to the awesomeness that was “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and of course the ruination of vampire lore that is a massive pile of  hype we all hate to call “Twilight”.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading this so far and I hope you will continue to enjoy my future reviews, and remember its  all just opinion 🙂

Hayley Alice Roberts.


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