Abertoir Presents: “Atrocious” (2010)


With the Abertoir Horror Festival not too far away fans were treated to a special screening of the UK premiere of Spanish Horror “Atrocious” (2010).

While not an original concept; “Atrocious” still delivered in terms of the scare factor. The film falls into the same sub-horror genre of the “mocumentary” or “lost footage” styles similarly to “The Blair Witch Project” (1999) and more recently “Paranormal Activity” (2007); however it is definitely much scarier and more chilling than those two films put together. The continuous point of view shots are extremely effective and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the thrilling seventy five minutes of terror. The actual concept is incredibly creepy as the young protagonists; filmmakers Cristian (Played by Cristian Valencia) and July (Played By Clara Moraleda) are chasing the myth or urban legend surrounding a lost little girl dressed in red who “shows you the way” if you find yourself isolated in the woods. The film builds up the ideas very well and keeps a steady pace; as an audience expectations become incredibly intense in the fear of this little girl actually popping out at them. I was slightly disappointed with the climax of the film as it kept losing direction and throwing too much red herrings at the audience at once; although I thought it was clever how it placed the audience in a false sense of expectation indicating the ending would be in the woods then luring us back to the house setting. Overall “Atrocious” was an enjoyable horror film with brilliant jump scares and an intense tone and pace throughout.

On September 30th Abertoir will be screening yet another pre-festival film with the UK premiere of “The Woman” (2011). The screening will take place at 10pm at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Cinema; for regular festival goers and horror fans out there this is a must-see event!

Still from "The Woman" (2011)

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Hayley Alice Roberts.

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