Abertoir Presents… “The Woman” (2011)


“The Woman” (2011) is a unique and stylish piece of horror. It is also not for the faint-hearted. The typical expectations are challenged as the film does not rely heavily on jump scares or suspense in order to achieve effectiveness. What “The Woman” has going for it is its disturbing concept and that alone is more terrifying than any knife-wielding maniac jumping out at the audience. The plot centres on an All-American white suburban family and the notion of nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. The husband, a successful lawyer (played by Sean Bridges) captures a feral woman (played by Pollyanna McIntosh) and attempts to “civilise” her through his own twisted ideals. One thing I’ll give the film is that it doesn’t feel predictable; leaving elements of surprise as every twist is revealed. The only criticism was at times it was as if we were being subjected to one long music video. Both digetic and non-digetic music was used in a series of montages; which unfortunately dragged on and didn’t particularly add anything to the film other than conveyed its “indie” feel. The build-up was well done and emphasised the tension. Even though uncomfortable in moments the pure gruesomeness was saved until last in the shocking final ten minutes. Visually the film was put together well in terms of its editing and cinematography; transitions between scenes ran smoothly with the use of fading and black outs.

The subject matter is controversial and upsetting. It is no secret that many have left cinema’s in a state of disgust. I however found the film hard to be offended at as it was well-made and dealt with its dark approach with black humour; as a devoted horror fan I was able to appreciate that factor. Understandably it could be argued that its tongue in cheek tone makes the concept even more disturbing. It is de-moralising and de-humanising to women however shouldn’t be taken too seriously. On a final note; it was nice to see an 18-rated modern horror film again in all its gory glory!

 “The Woman” was yet another taste of what to expect on November 8th-14th. Passes are still available for “The Abertoir Horror Festival” so please book soon; the schedule this year is very exciting!

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Hayley Alice Roberts.


6 Responses to “Abertoir Presents… “The Woman” (2011)”

  1. Nice review Hayley! I agree, more 18 rated films please, it’s refreshing not to be spoon-fed the PG-13 rated filth American teenagers are used to. Now , where Human Centipede 2 when ya want it…..

  2. Thanks 🙂 Are you going to be getting “Human Centipede 2”? lol I heard it got banned or something! Hopefully gonna have this and the “Atrocious” review published in the Independent Voice E-Zine this week to spread the word about Abertoir!

  3. Gaz Bailey Says:

    Wish i could, but sadly no Human Centipede 2 for us, wouldn’t want to deprave and corrupt you! 😉

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