Celluloid Screams 2011 Coverage: Day 2

Day 2: 22nd October 2011





“Mandragore” was a bizarre and atmospheric short film that focused on aspects of femininity and the power of nature.


“Dust Devil”


Saturday Morning kicked off with a screening of Richard Stanley’s “Dust Devil” in its original cut. Unfortunately Richard Stanley who was due to attend the festival as the “Special Guest” was unable to join us because of passport issues. As a first time viewer of “Dust Devil”; I enjoyed the fact that it was a generic hybrid incorporating the Western genre with horror; blending them really well. The cinematography captured the senses of isolation and emptiness bitter-sweetly. “Dust Devil” was also an example of a film that had encountered issues in terms of cutting on its initial release; therefore Celluloid Screams treated us to the print Richard Stanley himself wanted and how he visualised the film.

“Click”- Short


“Click” was a simplistic yet effective short and was introduced by its director Billy Prince who stated his influence for the film lay in the style of John Carpenter. The film cleverly depicted childhood imagination and portrayed the supernatural as unexplainable which created a much more chilling and menacing atmosphere throughout.



“Some Guy Who Kills People”











“Some Guy Who Kills People” is pretty much in the style of executive producer the legendary John Landis. Despite moments of gore within the film and the theme of murder in the plot it could be placed in the “black comedy” sub-genre and in the drama genre.

Much like “Dead Hooker in a Trunk” (2009) the tone was surreal and tongue in cheek. Told in the vein of a comic book scenario; the outrageous performances brought the entertaining caricature-type characters to life also aided by the quirky well written dialogue. The endearing narrative gave the film a certain charm. During certain moments I expected the film to go down the fantasy route in terms of the killings similarly to “American Psycho” (2000).

Barry Bostwick’s portrayal of the hindering sheriff was hilarious to watch as he was completely informal and comical, resulting in some side-splitting moments.

Kevin Corrigan played protagonist Ken Boyd who was an interesting yet complex character. On one hand he was an average underdog, nerdy guy but also has a hidden, repressed side reminiscent of classic literature such as “Jekyll and Hyde”.

“Some Guy Who Kills People” proved to be a festival highlight, with its originality and subtlety that was daring, intelligent and humorous.

“The Theatre Bizarre”











What would the horror of today be without the influence of the infamous “Grand-Guingol” theatre in 19th Century Paris? “The Theatre Bizarre” is an anthology film, compressing six short stories all by different directors into one feature length homage. Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Tom Savini and Richard Stanley all contributed a trilling, gruesome tale inspired by the theatre itself. Tales of murder, betrayal, witchcraft, dreams and death were portrayed in cinematic form. Each story gave its unique spin on the horror genre. The scenes featuring the the Grand-Guignol were visually appealing with its gothic appearance. A Mix bag of emotions all rolled into one unique film.


The Sequel to “Spider”; “Bear” continued demonstrating that well-meaning Jack still hadn’t learned his lesson!! Even though the shock factor in this was expected and formulaic nevertheless it was still an enjoyable piece and perhaps took a more humorous tone than it’s original.

“Employee of The Month”- Short








An Entertaining and Cynical look at the employment industry featuring larger and life iconic horror characters.


Day 3 Coming soon…

Hayley Alice Roberts.

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