Quadramania Presents….”Abertoir 2011″ Coverage Prep.

We have had a very productive day thus far. The Abertoir Horror Festival will be kicking off tonight at 6pm with a screening of the Vincent Price classic “House of the Long Shadows” (1983); in preparation, Quadramania interviewed assistant festival director Rhys Fowler, who specialises in the marketing field for the festival. Hayley Alice Roberts conducted the interview, asking questions on how Rhys became involved in the festival, his experiences with other film festivals, his favourite sub-genre’s of horror and what he’s looking forward to most this year. Elliot McIntosh directed the interview as well as filmed it, Ben Lee was on sound, while James Moore provided all the making of footage and stills. Following the interview Quadramania as a whole recorded some introductory footage outside the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, to explain to you guys what we’re up to and what’s ahead. We filmed this part of the coverage in pairs and rotated roles, between Hayley and Elliot presenting followed by hilarious double act we like to call “Moore and Lee” giving their spin on things. During editing we are planning on inter-cutting between us to provide you with entertaining and informative coverage.

Below are some stills taken from today’s antics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quadramania will be around tonight during the festival, so feel free to ask us any questions and tell us your feedback on what you thought of the films that are soon to be screened. Interview videos and a review of Jose Pedro Lopes’s short film “Survivalismo” will be up shortly.  We will keep you updated on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/quadramania

Hayley Alice Roberts.


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