Brit Flick Fest 2012: “The Shadow of Death” From DeadBolt Films

“The Shadow of Death” (2012) is an upcoming non-budget, British slasher movie reminiscent of classic films from the 70′s and the latter part of the 90′s. “Shadow” focuses on a group of flatmates who stumble upon some woods in rural Southern-England with the incentive of meeting a dealer in order to score themselves a bit of weed. There’s also an amateur policeman lurking around on the lookout for any impending action! Little do they know there’s a mysterious killer on the loose and no one who enters the woods will be safe! The film uses the classic “urban legend” scenario adding a sense of enigma, inviting the viewer to want to uncover more. Stylistically it achieves a grindhouse and 70’s seedy horror movie feel similarly to “Last House on the Left” (1972) in terms of its editing.

Writer and director Gav Chuckie Steel has done an impressive job creating an entertaining, edge-of-the-seat horror while incorporating an old-school slasher movie style. The FX on the production are outstanding for an independent film leading to some squirm-worthy death scenes. The characters are entertaining drawing on post-modern archtypical horror victims that at times prove difficult to feel sorry for! However at the same time they could be characters encountered in real life. There’s a couple of stoners, a nerdy character, a Chuck Norris wannabe cop and a potential final girl! Tension is built up from beginning to end with some startling, creepy moments. To an extent “Shadow” could be described as “Texas Chainsaw meets Blair Witch” through being suspenseful, eerie and gory at the same time. What’s great about “Shadow” is that unlike most recent offers into the horror genre there is something edgy and raw about it, the fact that it was shot on a Panasonic SD60 camera compliments its intended “grindhouse” feel.

“The Shadow of Death” is a creative piece of independent film-making, clearly made for people who love and enjoy horror with a strong awareness of the conventions and an appreciation for the genre. The film will be premiering at “The Brit Flick Festival” (Groundlings Theatre) in Portsmouth on May 12th.

Independent movies such as this need to be supported, if your a fan of the horror genre I thoroughly recommend it.

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Hayley Alice Roberts.

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