Abertoir 2012: The Vlogs (Day One-Three)

Its been over a fortnight since the Abertoir Horror Festival celebrated its seventh horrific year, providing fans with the best in new and classic genre films as well as live events. In this piece I would like to showcase the video coverage I did alongside Caitlyn Downs (http://scaredsheepless.com) during the festival, including an interview with horror and gothic author Gavin Baddeley and a brief written, non-spoiler summary of my personal highlights from the festival. Abertoir screened some phenomenal films once again this year that I highly recommend you keep your eyeballs peeled for! For reviews of Sightseers, Citadel, Night Breed: The Cabal Cut and Resolution please check out my Celluloid Screams Coverage (https://mshayleyr1989.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/celluloid-screams-2012-day-one-coverage/).

Day One:

Me & Caitlyn introduce our coverage:

Sleep Tight (2011)

This Spanish psychological thriller will leave a profound effect on the mind. Sleep Tight deals with fascinating subject matters such as voyeurism and takes the viewer into a disturbing place but makes it impossible to take your eyes off the screen. The film questions whether we are really safe in our own home. Cesar (played by Luis Tosar) works as a janitor in an apartment block, he has developed a twisted fixation with one of the tenants Clara  (played by Marta Etura) and intrudes into her life unknowingly to her.  Without giving too much away as it really is a film to go in blind to, the consequences and following effects prove absolutely devastating. Sleep Tight doesn’t rely on blood and gore (bar one intense and graphic scene) in order to create something truly terrifying, that said to a degree it incorporates some dark humor and is accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack.

Caitlyn and I discuss what we enjoyed about Day One, including a never-before-seen extended cut of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”.

Day Two

Telling the audience what to expect from the second day!

An update of the day so far:

Our video response to the lovely Resolution directors Aaron Moorehead & Justin Benson:

Day Three

Hayley Alice Roberts.

Day Four-Six coming soon…



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