Abertoir 2012: The Vlogs (Day Four-Six)

Apologies for the delay but here are the remaining vlogs that capture 2012’s goretastic Abertoir Horror Festival.



Day Four

Caitlyn and I summarized all the wonderful film sights we saw on Day Three & what to expect from Day Four, including an Italian cinema legend and doing the time warp in style at the special Rocky Horror Picture Show screening and party!

Festival Director Gaz joined us to introduce a night of suspenders, drag, aliens and mayhem!

Day Five

Following a successful screening of Jen and Sylvia Soska’s visually stunning take on surgery and body modification, Nia, Gaz and I decided to send them a video response to the one they made especially for us straight from Australia.

While losing my voice I interviewed Gavin Baddeley on all things horror including its origins, issues of censorship and moral panics and what makes a horror film truly horrifying.

Day Six

Yep…voice totally gone, a big thank you to Caitlyn for keeping everyone updated on the shenanigans of Abertoir’s final day!

Our final summary, Caitlyn discusses our overall highlights and the winning films as well as general thanks. Also thank you to Jimmi Johnson (Editor of Night Breed: The Cabal Cut) for filming our last video.


We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported our coverage at this years festival. We are so grateful to Gaz, Nia, Rhys and Becky for giving us this opportunity and of course a thank you is in order to all those involved who helped us with various pieces including filming and photography, Sally Jones, Lewis Gibson-Grainger and Janie Roberts. We hope those of you who have never been to Abertoir have enjoyed what you’ve seen and will consider attending next year and for those of you who were there you can look back on this piece of nostalgia with all your amazing memories. Caitlyn and I have some more projects under wraps for next year so keep an eye out!

Coming Soon…


Hayley Alice Roberts.


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