After Zombies? The Ascension Film Project

I have had a busy weekend in Redditch providing coverage and filming some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage for up and coming zombie film Ascension. Back in early September 2012 I interviewed the film’s writer Dave Jeffrey and director James Hart on their expectations of the project, which can be found here:


Since the interview, they have heavily promoted the film with various teaser newsreel’s to gradually generate interest in the film, a link for their facebook page will be provided below in order to view these. I was privileged to be invited on set by lead actor Derek Melling (who plays Joe) to conduct interviews with the main cast and showcase what its really like to create a horror film. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on Ascension through getting an insight into horror filmmaking and met some truly fantastic people from the industry. Despite weather conditions (heavy snow!) and a few mishaps (getting covered in mud and blood sticking to my hair!), the majority of filming went smoothly and I am pleased with the outcome of my footage. Later this year I will be editing it all together to create a making of/promo around the film’s release, which at the moment is top secret, however I may gradually upload the cast interviews so you can all find out a little bit more about the character-driven, horror piece that is Ascension.

I am grateful to Derek, Dave and James for the opportunity. Also, I’d like to thank Ross Hunt for helping me out with filming and getting some great photo’s of the shoot! Much appreciated.

Ascension Shoot 011

Facebook Page:

Hayley Alice Roberts.

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