Second Anniversary and a little update from me!

Hi everyone!

I’m doing this early this year so I have plenty of time to prepare and research for my second anniversary review on May 18th!

Last year I wrote a countdown on what I considered my top horror movies of all time focusing on some classic and mainstream horror films that shaped me into the fan I am today!

I’m interested in doing something similar this year in the top 10 format, so please feel free to comment and suggest ideas of what you’d like to see me discuss!

Also, I apologize for the lack of activity on my blog, reviews have been put on hold for the time being until I finish my university course on May 20th (approx!) my dissertation focusing on the representation of female identity in US teen shows is coming along nicely as well as my script which at the moment is under the working title of ‘Love Sick’. I am missing reviewing greatly and I still intend on supporting independent filmmakers so please don’t hesitate to send me your films and I will provide as much exposure as possible.


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Thank you for all the continued support!



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