Scream: The TV Series?


So, the 1996 genre-defying slasher Scream franchise is now being pitched as a TV series? This rumor has been around for a while, however MTV have now confirmed that a pilot episode is going ahead. There is no confirmation on a writer or concept as of yet however it seems the project will be soon underway. As a die-hard fan of Scream 1-4 it comes as slightly disappointing news that the franchise can’t end on a high with 2011’s film (which in itself was arguably unneeded) and is being adapted for the small screen without any real thought to it. Wes Craven’s name is attached to the series, although at this point this is still a rumor, however judging by Scream 3 (2000) it proves that without Kevin Williamson’s witty, self-referential dialogue it will lack substance.

Williamson is busy working on his hit CW series The Vampire Diaries (2009-present) while there is currently no mention of Scream stalwarts Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette reprising their roles as Sidney, Gale and Dewey. MTV in recent years has been bombarded with trashy reality shows glamorizing teen pregnancy and featuring spoilt American brats e.g. My Super Sweet Sixteen, therefore it questions how a once, clever horror satire will fair next to this kind of line-up. Perhaps Ghost face will merge into these shows and kill off these self-indulgent idiots which in itself will be quite satisfying. A possibly commentary on the lack of quality in mainstream TV, critiquing popular culture is what Scream does at its best!


Will Scream: The Series pick up where Scream 4 left off and deal with the aftermath of the latest Woodsboro killings? That said, will it even be set in Woodsboro? Will it include the original characters from the first film, re-cast and be a teen show? What about a prequel that shows original killers Billy and Stu’s involvement in Sidney’s Mother’s death?? Or maybe the series will incorporate a whole different approach featuring a psycho obsessed with the iconic horror franchise, killing their victims by replicating the grisly murders of the first four films in a meta-narrative format?? Oh wait, that’s already been done in a non-budget, Scream appreciation independent film, Scream: Generations, which I believe is still on youtube and I highly recommend, its created for the fans by the fans.

With much speculation ahead, time will only tell how this show develops, fingers crossed they won’t tarnish the original movies and come up with something decent. Can Scream work as a series, will it even have enough material to work with on an episodic format? Guess this will all be answered in 2014!

Hayley Alice Roberts.


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