“Love is a many Splattered thing” a few thoughts on Love Sick (Polluted Pictures)

love sick

Last year I had the fantastic opportunity of interviewing Todd E. Freeman of Polluted Pictures on his Cronenberg-esque body horror Cell Count. While being visually engaging and suspenseful, Cell Count proved to be a very personal film for its director as the heart of the story came from one of his own experiences with disease and illness. Since viewing the film I had been craving to see more of Todd’s work and his latest offer Love Sick sounds equally as intriguing. The bloody, beating heart of Love Sick’s narrative is also derived from Todd’s own personal experiences.

“This is a very personal project that is based in a very real time in my life when I wasn’t sure if I was going to be with the woman that I loved until the day I died. On one hand this is very much an examination of love and the physical/emotional pain that comes from it. On the other bigger hand… well… it’s a badass gore filled monster movie.”  (Todd E. Freeman). 

The clever balance of real life authenticity along side using the genre as a metaphor definitely suggests that the film will be a compelling watch.

Due to begin production in the Autumn, Love Sick centers on a couple who after a long period together, decide to separate. With this, the film will explore ideas about the psychological and physical feelings of love and the strain of being apart from each other, providing the metaphor of “love hurts”. The movie will again display characteristics of the body horror sub-genre as it delves into notions about the mind and body connection. It will be interesting to see how these ideas will be represented on a visual level through the cinematography and what styles will be intended. The art work on the poster above looks stunning, the blood-splattered heart brings about a sense of violence and gore, suggesting the emotions within the film are going to get messy!

Two exciting names have been officially attached to the project firstly, horror icon Bill Oberst Jr who said ” Todd has invited me to be a part of a project that I am passionate about. I love body-horror and Todd has a remarkable talent for writing intelligently about it. I am eager to get Love Sick!”

Secondly, Producer Christian Burgess who is also a programmer and communications manager for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Burgess said of the project “I’m extremely honoured and ecstatic to be apart of the Love Sick production team. Todd had been teasing me for several months with concept for the film and recently, I had the privilege of reading the first act of the script and I was immediately sold on it. Todd has this incredible knack for establishing characters that feel familiar and real, within a world that’ll become increasing uncomfortable and bizarre as events unravel for them.” With this amount of enthusiasm on board, Love Sick is sure to be a well-thought out, psychological horror that appears to offer a new angle on this kind of film.

Love Sick will be one of the most eagerly anticipated body horror genre films of the year.

Click here for my previous interview with Todd: https://mshayleyr1989.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/an-interview-with-todd-e-freeman-writer-and-director-of-cell-count/

Hayley Alice Roberts.


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