Some Thoughts on Curse of Chucky (2013)

Its a doll, what’s the worst that can happen?- [Taken From Trailer].

The trailer for the sixth installment of the popular Child’s Play franchise hit the web today, showcasing Curse of Chucky (2013). Instead of re-booting the entire franchise, another sequel seems to be the better approach as the series is  without a doubt in dire need of redeeming  itself following the disaster that was Seed of Chucky (2004). The return of the murderous red-headed menace, possessed by the soul of a notorious serial killer  is being  brought back to us by original creator Don Mancini who’s written and directed the piece. This suggests the project is a labor of love for him, considering Chucky has been around for the past twenty-five-years.  Brad Dourif is also on board reprising his iconic voice-acting role as the demonic doll. Not only that his real-life actress daughter Fiona Dourif is taking him on as protagonist Nica, giving the project an even more personal touch and heightening the strong theme of family that the plot conveys.


Drawing from the trailer, it appears Mancini is attempting to bring back the old school style of horror that was present in the earlier films of suspense and added humor. The story has returned to that of a more conventional narrative with a family being terrorized by the pint-size piece of evil rather than the over-the-top silliness that came with Bride of Chucky (1998) (which remains a personal guilty pleasure!) and the God-awful previously mentioned Seed of Chucky. The plot focuses on the conflict of two sisters following the death of their mother. When Nica’s young niece receives a mysterious package in the post its not long before dolly dearest commits a series of brutal murders which leads back to a score he failed to settle twenty-years earlier, and this time he is determined to see it through. This now means the timeline for the film relates back to 1993 following the events of Child’s Play 3 which saw Chucky terrorize a grown-up Andy for the third time in army camp.

My expectations for this film will hopefully be some cheesy references and self-awareness and plenty of brutal gore to compliment the tone of modern horror.

Granted, its not an original idea but Curse of Chucky is sure to please fans of the franchise as well as reminding us of what we love about the Horror and Slasher genres. Curse of Chucky may be a throwback to the late 80’s/early 90’s but there’s no denying that as a horror fan, its nice to see a familiar face returning to the screen. The film will be premiering at this year’s Film4 Fright Fest in August, following a DVD and Blu-Ray release on September 24th.

Bring on the bloodbath, Chucky’s Back!!


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