Abertoir Horror Festival News

The Abertoir Horror Festival returns to the Aberystwyth Arts Centre for its Eighth successful year, this November. Located deep in the heart of Wales, the festival delivers an eclectic selection of films, bringing both classic and the latest in horror to the big screen.

The unveil of the wonderful festival poster by the talented Peter Stevenson.

The unveil of the wonderful festival poster by the talented Peter Stevenson.

2013 will prove to be a very special year for Abertoir as the festival will be celebrating the centennial of horror icon Peter Cushing. Not only that, this year will also mark the 50th anniversary of Robert Wise’s classic spine-chiller ‘The Haunting’, in honor of this, actor Richard Johnson will play a huge part in the festival’s opening night by joining us as this year’s special guest, providing a Q&A at the end of the screening. Another special guest comes in the form of composer Fabio Frizzi, a long time collaborator of Lucio Fulci; along with a screening of one of the notorious ‘video nasties’, ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’. It wouldn’t be Abertoir without a live music event, this year organizers and fans will be pleased to welcome back Zombina and the Skeletones and the Laze who will be putting together a special and sure-to-be memorable collaboration under the name White Blackula. The rest of the line-up has yet to be announced, however I’m sure there will be plenty of unique, new offers from the genre to satisfy us  dedicated festival-goers.

Early bird passes have recently gone on sale at the generous price of £49.50, with only 40 available and selling fast, the price will slightly increase to the usual cost of £58. Call 01970 623232 (Arts Centre Box Office) or visit http://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/ to reserve yours now!


On October 19th, in partnership with the BFI’s ‘gothic season’, the Arts Centre will be screening two classic Cushing films, ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ and ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’, alongside the UK premiere of Chris Crow’s ‘The Darkest Day’ followed by a Q&A, keeping in the essential Welsh connection. This night will be the perfect taster before the main event!

I am pleased to announce that along with my co-reviewer Caitlyn Downs of ‘Scared Sheepless’ we will be providing daily video updates of all the gory going’s-on which will be available on Youtube. We are currently discussing our plans for this year’s coverage. Please feel free to check out our efforts from last year. .

If you’ve never attended Abertoir before, I assure you are in for a treat. Prepare for a six day spook-tacular thrill ride of movies, special guests and much, much more.

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Hayley Alice Roberts.

One Response to “Abertoir Horror Festival News”

  1. If you’re into Zombie Flesh Eaters (best Z film ever) then a limited edition screen print can be found here: http://www.frightfestoriginals.com/frightfestorigi7.html

    I got Mr Frizzi to sign mine at Frightfest.

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