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Must Love Horror

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A big part of this horror site is to support up and coming indie films. Writer Christopher Coffel (On the Count of 3) recently approached me with the press release for his exciting new project titled Must Love Horror. Wonder Works Films (the producers behind Sinister) have greenlit the film and will be due for release in 2014. The basic premise revolves around Edgar, a horror film fanatic who is spending Halloween night enjoying some scary movies with his girlfriend. Before he knows it the gory fictional world he loves so much crashes into reality. Thus far, this is the only information released about the plot which suggests a post-modern, meta-narrative piece, however we’ll have a around a year to wait and see how the project unfolds.


As for casting news, Wonder Works recently announced they have cast Isaac C. Singleton Jr. in Must Love Horror. Isaac has previously starred in Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)  and Planet of the Apes (2001) as well as lending his voicing talents to several video games including the popular franchise Street Fighter. His character according to IMDB is ambiguously named You. Ed Nyahay is set to direct the feature, and will be his first (excluding the short Live it, Show it). More casting news in the coming weeks will be eagerly anticipated. Hayley’s Horror Reviews is 100% behind the project and hopes to see a refreshing take on the genre.

The collaborative team of Coffel and Nyahay are also joining up on another horror project titled Sin Her Scared, also due for release in 2014, more details coming soon.

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Halloween Month & Plans for the site.

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For those of you who have kept updated via Twitter and Facebook today you will already be aware that I have some exciting news regarding the coverage for this year’s Celluloid Screams. My horror partner in crime, Caitlyn Downs of  and will be joining me at this year’s festival as part of my annual video reviews filmed straight from Sheffield. We are both very much looking forward to being part of the festival and are eagerly anticipating finally seeing this year’s selection of gruesomely gory films. Then we will bring you more grizzly delights at Abertoir, a fortnight later.

Back in 2011, I dedicated October solely to Halloween Month, a look back at some classic and nostalgic horror films to get you in the mood for the spooky season! Halloween Month is making a hellish return with the intention of providing retrospect reviews on some essential genre films that have made a strong impact on fans for decades and decades. I intend for my choices to be as wide spread as possible, covering a range of the genre.


Following this will be reviews from Celluloid Screams then Abertoir. Busy times are ahead, making this my favourite time of year.

I’d also like to give a shout out to who have kindly shown an interest in my work recently which is much appreciated.

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Celluloid Screams 2013

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Yesterday I purchased my festival pass for another horror festival I regularly attend, Celluloid Screams in Sheffield. 2013 will be my third visit to this fantastic festival which provides a hardcore weekend of ghouls and gore and shocks and scares! In a compact festival programme, Celluloid Screams brings the latest gory offerings of features and short films to the silver screen. With a great atmosphere courtesy of dedicated horror fans and some brilliant special guests, Celluloid proves to be one of the best UK genre festivals out there.


Entering its fifth year, Celluloid will return to the Showroom Cinema from the 25th to the 27th October. This year I’ve opted for the full pass, excluding the all-nighter (a new edition) costing a reasonable £55 (There is a slight increase for the full pass if including ‘Night of the (Un)Dead’). This year, attached to the main programme is a late night of some obscure, old skool movies including ‘Frankenhooker’ (1990) and ‘Return of the Living Dead’ (1985) screened alongside some short films such as ‘Ghoul School’ and ‘Hambre’; beginning at 12am and finishing up at 6am.

There appears to be a running theme for this year’s festival of body horror and splatter with the special guest of Frank Henenlotter attending. Henenlotter’s well-known, cult films ‘Basket Case’ 1 & 2 will be screened following the opening gala of Don Thacker’s ‘Motivational Growth’, a UK premiere which seems to have taken influence from Henenlotter’s style of filmmaking.


After excitedly reading up on the feature films for 2013, a few really stood out for me. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. Ever since viewing the trailer, ‘Jug Face’ has been on my must-watch list. A film set in the backwoods, ‘Jug Face’ focuses on a pregnant teenage girl who discovers she’s the community’s next sacrifice, determined by her resemblance to a clay jug face. The film has an interesting premise and seems to have incorporated its own mythology and take on cults. The film stars Lauren Ashley Carter from ‘The Woman’. I have already planned a review for this film after speaking with director Chad Crawford Kinkle via Twitter and have since contacted his publicist. I certainly won’t have too long to wait to see this potential genre favorite.

jug face

‘Der Fan (AKA Trance)’, appears to be a chilling psychological thriller that takes obsession to a whole different level. This German offering centers on an obsessive teenage fan, infatuated with her pop star idol. This is certainly going to be one to watch and see unfold and will hopefully enter the disturbing heights it promises.

Since, ‘Fright Fest’, one of the most talked-about films is ‘Big Bad Wolves’, naturally I am interested in seeing it. Being a revenge thriller, it clearly has the making’s of a compelling and possibly harrowing story. Its been described as ‘intense’ and focused on male tensions which will surely be edge-of-the seat stuff. ‘Big Bad Wolves’ tells the story of three men all interlinked, a renegade police officer, a mild-mannered bible teacher and a grieving father, tensions are sure to run high as well as a complex sense of morality.


‘Delivery’ may echo films such as ‘Paranormal Activity’ in essence, however the premise still intrigues me. An expectant couple agree to document a reality show on their pregnancy.  However events soon spiral out of control when a series of strange, unexplained events occur and throw the production into chaos. The film is allegedly told through unaired footage,  and interviews with family members of the main characters. If its anything like ‘The Bay’, a surprisingly effective film that used the found footage concept well, leading to terrifying notions then ‘Delivery’ will be another example of a good ‘found footage’ film. ‘Delivery’ has been described as ‘an incredibly effective film that stands on the head and shoulders of many of its contemporaries’, definitely sounds very promising.


Finally, ‘Discopath’ sounds like a fun entry and the perfect way of closing the festival on a high. A throwback to the 1970’s, ‘Discopath’ tells the tale of a homicidal maniac awakened following the introduction to the new trend of disco music! With the making’s of a cult hit, ‘Discopath’ seems to incorporate the essence of old skool movies made around that era, I’m just anticipating the possible sound track and I’m already loving the quirky title!


Finally, ‘Claymania: The films of Lee Hardcastle’ looks to be a fascinating thrill ride into a unique and innovative approach to horror. Since his entry of ‘T- is for Toilet’ in the ‘ABC’s of Death’ anthology, I’ve been anticipating to see more of Lee Hardcastle’s interesting work. Bring on the gore!

This year, I plan to provide similar coverages of written reviews and videos documenting the festivals highlights (as seen below) and will hopefully be bringing a special guest with me, but more on that soon!

Celluloid Screams 2011.

Celluloid Screams 2012.

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