Must Love Horror

A big part of this horror site is to support up and coming indie films. Writer Christopher Coffel (On the Count of 3) recently approached me with the press release for his exciting new project titled Must Love Horror. Wonder Works Films (the producers behind Sinister) have greenlit the film and will be due for release in 2014. The basic premise revolves around Edgar, a horror film fanatic who is spending Halloween night enjoying some scary movies with his girlfriend. Before he knows it the gory fictional world he loves so much crashes into reality. Thus far, this is the only information released about the plot which suggests a post-modern, meta-narrative piece, however we’ll have a around a year to wait and see how the project unfolds.


As for casting news, Wonder Works recently announced they have cast Isaac C. Singleton Jr. in Must Love Horror. Isaac has previously starred in Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)  and Planet of the Apes (2001) as well as lending his voicing talents to several video games including the popular franchise Street Fighter. His character according to IMDB is ambiguously named You. Ed Nyahay is set to direct the feature, and will be his first (excluding the short Live it, Show it). More casting news in the coming weeks will be eagerly anticipated. Hayley’s Horror Reviews is 100% behind the project and hopes to see a refreshing take on the genre.

The collaborative team of Coffel and Nyahay are also joining up on another horror project titled Sin Her Scared, also due for release in 2014, more details coming soon.

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Hayley Alice Roberts.


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