Chucky’s Reign of Terror is far from over! Thoughts on a possible part 7!


On December 2nd, Child’s Play creator Don Mancini, teased fans of the killer doll franchise with a possible sequel to 2013’s surprise success, Curse of Chucky. There’s no denying that Curse of Chucky defied skeptics including myself and proved to be a chillingly dark yet funny entry into the series, with well-rounded characters. It’s not only me saying this but it could easily be the best Chucky film yet, ending the pint-sized, cold-blooded killer’s evil reign of terror on a strong note. Mancini’s re-boot/sequel was just what the franchise needed and re-captured what made us fear this unlikely horror icon in the first place. For the first time in a long time we’ve seen a refreshing take on a well-known horror character and they thankfully didn’t need to go down the tired remake route!


Therefore news of a continuation of Curse of Chucky is actually generating a lot of positivity from fans and internet media alike. Cleverly the sixth installment left the door open with a few unresolved plot points that have the potential to be explored further. I’m in two mind frames, on one hand, with the same crew behind it and with keeping to the same tone, it could work, there’s plenty of interesting ideas circulating currently. Mancini has teased that the sequel will elaborate on what happened to young Alice (Summer H. Howell) and there’s even rumors through the grapevine that Andy (Alex Vincent) might make a reappearance. Seeing an adult Andy face to face with Chucky (voiced consistently by Brad Dourif) again would definitely be worth seeing. Fiona Dourif’s Nica also survived the carnage in part six and there’s the possibility that she would be out to seek her own revenge and what about Chucky’s doll bride Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) ?

However there’s also the concern of, will another sequel be just as good? Will it meet the high expectations its predecessor has set for it? I firmly believe sometimes its preferable to leave something on a high rather than over-expose it.


For now we shall have to sit tight and wait and see. The proposed Chucky film is not yet a studio announcement but a project Mancini himself is interested in creating. With the performing success of Curse of Chucky, who can really blame him?

Over to you, my blood-soaked followers, are you looking forward to a possible new Chucky movie? or do you think the series should be left as it is? Feel free to comment below or via my facebook page.

Hayley Alice Roberts.

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