Press Release: New Horror Novel: “Cry Heaven, Cry Hell”, The Return of Miss Mary Weather

To kick off 2014, here’s a press release for a supernatural based, horror novel written by Deno Sandz. His spooky 2012 fictional book titled “Cry Heaven, Cry Hell”, The Return of Miss Mary Weather is a direct sequel to his 2001 offering “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare”. Cry Heaven, Cry Hell sees his protagonist Will return with a son who is now being haunted by one of the most feared women in urban myth! Set in the Deep South surrounding a rural, black community, the novel is sure to be a spine-tingling chiller that will guarantee that you won’t want to turn off the lights after  bedtime reading!

Cry Heaven, Cry Hell is available for kindle download and available to purchase on Amazon.


Press Release.

For Immediate Release
Sandz Announces Release of New Novel,
“Cry Heaven, Cry Hell”
The Return of Miss Mary Weather

Well Written, Wicked, Soul Catching, Plot Driven, Spellbinding, and Fear-Provoking.

Chicago, Illinois –- Horror Novelist, Deno Sandz has announced the release of his new book, “Cry Heaven, Cry Hell”…The Return of Miss Mary Weather at now. This latest novel is a HORRIFYING SEQUEL with an urban supernatural/horror twist that not only captures the fears of the soul, but the true anger of EVIL when it has been vanquished.
From the original novel in 2001: “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare,” a sequel arises. In a rural black community in the Deep South, there is a myth of a woman who is the most terrifying female creature ever unleashed in this world. Will’s battles with the evil woman continue from childhood to adulthood. The protagonist, Will defeats her: however his eldest son begins dreaming of the evil woman’s return.

Now, after many years of forgetfulness and the tragic death of Will Sr. and his wife, Miss Mary Weather has truly returned bringing perdition and no absolution with her to collect more souls and to finally destroy the bloodline of the one man who defeated her….making the world as we know it, “Cry Heaven, Cry Hell.”

Deon C. Sanders
Pen name: Deno Sandz
Supernatural/Horror Novelist
Available @ Paperback (190 pages) $11.99 & Kindle $8.99
Distributed through Baker & Taylor and Ingrams
ISBN:-13: 978-1481020336
ISBN-10: 1481020331

Hayley Alice Roberts

Hayley’s Horror Reviews


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