The Short Films of DreamSeekers Productions: A Goblin’s Tale (2011)

A Goblin’s Tale was a 2011 offering from Dreamseekers Productions, again directed by Peter Dukes. Even though the short isn’t a direct horror film and slots itself more in the fantasy genre it still incorporates a creepy tone that’s enough to unsettle the viewer. With a minimal setting consisting of a dimly lit living room, A Goblin’s Tale is the story of a young girl (played by Tiffany Giardina) who’s world becomes turned upside down when a menacing goblin named Vix (played by Laura Kearsey) emerges from the pages of her  dusty fairytale book into reality. The short isn’t as straightforward as that as Dukes incorporates an intelligent, post-modern twist that most certainly challenges expectations, making the film very worth-while.


Kearsey is eerie as the devilish little goblin and gives a standout performance. Her depiction of Vix is slightly reminiscent of Dobby the Elf from the Harry Potter series (2001-2011) and Rumpelstiltskin from ABC’s Once Upon a Time (2011-) among others. For a low-budget short the creature make up is done exceptionally well, producing a strong mythical air to the film. It’s an example of what Dreamseekers do best, using their resources as best as they can to create some fascinating and intriguing visual  stories. Tiffany Giardina’s role as the confused young woman compliments and contrasts Kearsey’s Goblin, being a two-hander both actresses carry the film and keep the viewer engaged for its brief ten minute duration. A Goblin’s Tale has a strong structure and delivers perfectly what any short film intends to do.


With some clever effects and mesmerizing cinematography in place, particularly the shots of the fairytale book pages. The images that are included illustrate a mystical and folklore-esque context which establishes what A Goblin’s Tale ultimately sets out to do. There is a stunning score that runs throughout that forms a magical feel to the piece and comes across as very atmospheric. A Goblin’s Tale remains appealing to fans of horror while also being a film that has something for everyone and holds suitability for younger audiences.

A Goblin’s Tale is yet another example of the quality and broad work created by this independent film company.

Dreamseekers Productions Official Website.

The Film is available to view here:

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