The Short Films of DreamSeekers Productions: The New World (2010): WiHM2014 Special.

Welcome back to the monthly reviews of The Short Films of Dreamseekers Productions exclusively on Hayley’s Horror Reviews. While not strictly a horror short, The New World does deal with notions of the magical and fantastical which is closely linked to the genre. The production company present a versatile and strong female led piece that fits in perfectly with February’s Women in Horror Recognition Month’s celebrations. 


The New World (2010) was more of an experimental film for Dreamseekers Productions. In this offering, Peter Dukes and his team use the fantasy genre wonderfully to present a captivating visual tale of a wandering fairy (Katy Townsend) enchanted with the human world. The New World truly embodies the power of film as it returns to the silent era, taking it’s viewers on a breathtaking journey of imagery and music. The narrative itself most definitely has a Hans Christian Anderson vibe to it, taking inspiration from the classic fairytale The Little Mermaid (story:1837) featuring a mythical creature discovering a whole new life in which she longs to be part of. Through the POV of the fairy she sees the human world as idyllic and connected, aspiring to belong there. She sees the beauty of the earth that most humans take for granted as everything but her remains still. This evokes notions of not seeing the reality of the true world but also slowing down for a moment in order to appreciate what’s around us. Following a visit to the Fairy Queen (Elyse Ashton) her wish is granted. The short then takes a more ambiguous turn incorporating an intriguing ending which speaks volumes without having to use any dialogue.



The fairy herself is a determined creature, she knows what she wants and takes action in order to fulfill her wishes. Through giving up a world of magic for an ordinary life she demonstrates that she is aware there is much more out there to explore. Her costume is also another interesting aspect to the film as she displays an earthy look complimented with gothic fashion that could belong in a female-fronted rock band. Other than the narrative, The New World is a film that relishes in its cinematography and embraces it’s stunning locations, notably the beautiful forest. Cinematography is one of Dreamseekers strengths and they certainly take advantage of their surroundings in this instance. The blue lighting used in the fairy world among the trees is nicely done and proves effective, enhancing the mystical elements of the short. Katy Townsend carries the film purely through expression conveying the fairy’s sense of wonder throughout, its an interesting role from an acting perspective in that sense by not working from a dialogue heavy script. Mesmerizing and compelling, using pleasant, dream-like non-diegetic music to compliment its visuals, The New World is another quality and creative short film from Dukes’s company.

Hayley Alice Roberts.

Hayley’s Horror Reviews

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