Halloween III Re-boot. (Poll)

Following speculation on Bloody Disgusting last month, Dread Central have now confirmed that the Halloween franchise reboot will continue with  the next installment, Halloween 3D. News of a third film emerged at the Cannes film festival, allegedly the Weinstein company are keen to bring Michael Myers back to the big screen however no names are currently attached to the possible third sequel, although a screenplay is in the works. Rob Zombie’s re-imagination of the classic John Carpenter 1978 chiller was released back in 2007 with a direct follow-up in 2009 with Halloween II. Last year Zombie stated that he would not be directing the next Halloween film if anything was to come of it. This leaves the door open for several possibilities and direction that the franchise can be taken in. At this stage its uncertain whether this intends to be a direct sequel to Zombie’s Halloween or a whole new fresh take on Haddonfield’s masked murderer. Let’s not forget that the original Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) stepped away from Michael Myers slashings with its own sinister story surrounding a mask making company, Silver Shamrock. As a cult classic for many, a remake of Season of the Witch wouldn’t be welcomed as it’s a well-loved, stand alone film that didn’t make a massive impact and doesn’t require a re-boot of any kind. Continuing the Myers story could be intriguing especially if a fresh idea is developed set in the present day, it can’t be left at Halloween: Resurrection (2002) surely? The 3D on the other hand feels opportunistic and gimmicky due to the title. Hopefully us Haddonfield horror hounds will hear more developments soon.



What do you think of yet another Halloween installment? Especially since its hot on the heels of the upcoming Friday the 13th part 2 reboot.


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Hayley Alice Roberts.

Hayley’s Horror Reviews.

4 Responses to “Halloween III Re-boot. (Poll)”

  1. May I say none of the above, the original Halloween is my favourite horror movie…I wasn’t a fan of Rob Zombie’s remake and love the original Season of the Witch. I would rather they spend the money on a new horror franchise with a new protagonist. Love the site by the way, only recently discovered it ( through love horror ).

    • Hayley's Horror Reviews Says:

      On the first watch I enjoyed Zombie’s Halloween but as a horror movie in itself rather than as part of the Halloween franchise if that makes sense. When I re-watched it a few years later however I really didn’t like it. I agree we need new fresh ideas in the genre. I have hope for The Purge films. Thanks for checking out the site! Really appreciate that.

      • That does make sense, I personally think that Rob Zombie’s particular film making talents would have been more suited to the remake of Friday the 13th. Halloween in my humble opinion would have been better with a more subtle film director at the helm.

      • Hayley's Horror Reviews Says:

        I know what you mean. Him remaking Friday 13th could have been interesting. To be honest though, I watched that remake once and I barely remember much about it.

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