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Groovy News! Bruce Campbell in talks for Evil Dead TV Series!

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Friday saw legendary director Sam Raimi announce at the San Diego Comic Con that he’s planning to develop an Evil Dead TV Series! Following the profitable success of Fede Alvarez 2013 re-imagining of the classic splatter-fest, video nasty, there’s clearly a gap in the market to continue the franchise! To add further excitement, the groovy star of the original trilogy, Bruce Campbell has confirmed that he’s planning to reprise his role as chainsaw arm wielding Ash in the upcoming series. Responding to a fan via Twitter, Campbell teased ‘that’s the plan’ when it was made clear there’s a certain demand for him to return.

**Warning: Spoiler Part!**

Continuity-wise, the series is said to tie in with the previous Evil Dead films including Alvarez Remake, which saw Campbell make a surprise cameo at the film’s end, teasing fans that there could be more to come possibly in the shape of a new sequel to the 2013 version or an Army of Darkness 2. Raimi is said to be developing ideas for the splattertastic new series along with brother Ivan and of course Campbell. Its more than pleasing to see that a game-changing yet banned movie from the 80’s that became a cult classic is continuing to live on and inspire more and more fans. This is certainly gore-worthy news that we should all keep our eyesballs on for more developments. It will be interesting to see how the film will transcend into a TV series, which characters will be included? Will it be super-gory?! Let’s hope so!

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See No Evil 2 Trailer (2014)

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Forget 50 Shades of Grey, the first trailer for See No Evil 2 is now available online. Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska’s eagerly anticipated follow up to their 2012 hit American Mary looks set to be a crowd pleaser, full of dark humour,  tongue in cheek slasher references and entertaining performances with an equally grim tone. The film also marks their first collaboration with WWE, with wrestler Kane reprising his role as psycho killer Jacob Goodnight. This time round sees him terrorizing a group of unsuspecting medical students. A major highlight will be seeing Scream Queens Katharine Isabelle (American Mary, Ginger Snaps) and Danielle Harris (Halloween IV & V, Hatchet II & III) on screen together. Isabelle looks as if she’s set to bring in an entertaining and comedic performance while Harris proves why she plays the strong horror heroine incredibly well. October 17th sees the On Demand and Digital HD release while it will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on the 21st according to Bloody DisgustingSee No Evil 2 looks a real treat for fans, and I’m sure Jen and Sylvia once again will show us why they’re growing icons of the genre.

Check out the trailer here:

Hear from the Twisted Twins themselves discussing the movie at the San Diego Comic Con, where they announce that See No Evil 2 contains a never before seen murder sequence in any movie!


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Before The Conjuring….There Was….Annabelle! A Look at the 2014 trailer.

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The Conjuring’s creepy doll Annabelle is to take centre stage this October in her very own movie. The sinister spin-off’s first trailer was released yesterday documenting the mysterious entity’s origin’s prior to being locked in the museum of Ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The brand new teaser is packed with  tense moments much like James Wan’s 2013 supernatural hit that its based from. In what seems like an idyllic suburban setting, a young couple with their lives ahead of them are terrorized by a demonic presence disguised in the seemingly innocent Annabelle doll sending shockwaves through the community. The film looks set to fright and delight audiences, reminding us why Annabelle gave us the chills last time round. John R. Leonetti is named as director, his past credits include cinematography work for The Mask (1994) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) as well as The Conjuring.  According to imdb there’s a UK release date of 10th October, perfect timing for Halloween! Let’s hope this prequel will deliver something atmospheric and eerie, defying expectations. Annabelle is set to be more than just a ‘killer doll’ movie.

Check out the trailer below:

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The Short Films of Dreamseekers Productions: Daniel (2014).

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Daniel (2014) is the latest and most ambitious short yet from Dreamseekers Productions. Released this summer, Daniel is an ambiguous piece about a young boy (Jake Ryan Scott) hiding away in a closet from some thuggish intruders, but not everything is what it seems as Peter Dukes and his team once again surprise the audience with a disturbing twist that proves effective. Despite having the shortest run-time of 3:10 minutes, including credits and fade transitions, Daniel immediately draws the viewer in with a sense of intimidation in the atmosphere, providing plenty of intrigue as to what’s going on.


The run-time also means that the scare factor comes about fierce and  fast, leaving it long lasting in the mind. In terms of the colours and lighting used within the piece it echo’s a homage to the giallo sub-genre with bold reds and yellows adding to the tension. Each performance in the film is played well and convincingly for such a short time. The most prominent factor of the film is the role of the Quija board, bringing in extra creepiness, transforming the film from what seems like a home invasion to something far more insidious. Daniel is cleverly crafted as it manages to keep viewers engaged while bringing us in during the middle of the action, there is definitely feature film material at play here. Dreamseekers once again deserve a massive congratulations for creating yet another, interesting and inventive short.

You can watch Daniel (2014), via this Youtube link:

For more info on Dreamseekers Productions, visit:

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‘Tie me Kangaroo Down’ A Review of Wolf Creek 2 (2013).

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Slashing its way onto DVD and Blu-Ray this summer is the eagerly-awaited sequel to the popular yet brutal Australian shocker, Wolf Creek (2005). Director Greg Mclean returns to continue the murderous exploits of Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) in the film that he began developing as early as 2010, its delay purely down to some funding issues which held back initial production. Still emphasizing the ‘Based on True Events’ angle to bring in the added fear factor, Wolf Creek 2 incorporates a more fast-paced tone in comparison to its predecessor. The body count is bigger and Mick shows us once again that he pulls no punches when it comes to slaughtering unwitting tourists travelling through the Australian outback.


To its credit, setting itself apart from the original works in its favour rather than re-hashing the exact same events the first outing, that said on occasions it does play it safe with nods to the first film. This time round Mick goes straight in for the kill, with the focus on numerous victims from Germany to Britain, all unfortunate to cross his deadly path. The xenophobic mad man’s main target is Paul Hammersmith (Ryan Corr), an unknowing young man who unluckily stumbles upon one of Mick’s latest victims, he falls straight into his blood soaked hands and becomes terrorized in a violent game of cat and mouse (with added Kangaroo’s!).

Jarratt’s performance is one again larger than life, he clearly has fun with the role as the sadistic serial killer with a side of a sense of humour. Its clear the direction Mclean seems to be taking his creation in, a modern horror icon in the league of Leatherface and Jason Voorhees, a hack-happy, unmerciful  killer that continually defies the odds! However in the post-modern world of horror, having the killer unmasked with a menacing personality creates a more horrifying effect demonstrating the killer is just as much human. Its apparent that Mclean intends us to root for Mick, a conception that’s often referred to as “Freddy Kruger meets Crocodile Dundee”.


Jarratt single-handedly carries the film that has an interesting balance of dark comedy, splatter, grotesque violence and suspense. On the down-side, there is too much packed in, characters are introduced but become difficult to get invested in due to the rapid, slasher approach it unashamedly takes. Corr’s performance as Paul comes across as emotive at times enabling the audience to develop a sense of empathy for him and root for his escape. Where the film becomes problematic is using the ‘Based on True Events’ aspect. As stated understandably it plays on fears, ‘this could potentially happen to you’, but with brutally graphic scenes and close ups of bodies being cut up to shreds without any focus on a sense of justice it becomes uncomfortable viewing, particularly when you throw in the hammy nature of Mick’s one-liners used for comedic effect. In the original, there was distressing moment where the film toys with the idea of sexual violence towards women and the same is done here, providing a major conflict in tone that leaves viewers questioning “is this still a black comedy right now?”.


Another conflict at play on a personal note is on one hand using male protagonists in place of ‘the final girl’ in these films is a refreshing take; however at the same time it does put the female characters in a light where they’re just disposable victims rather than portraying both genders on an equal level.

Interestingly, back in 2005, Wolf Creek was unfortunately placed in the the tabloid-coined ‘torture porn’ category for horror films at the time, without real warrant for it. The sequel however seems to play up to the label in a tongue-in-cheek manner, especially with the drawn out, intensely funny bargaining sequence toward the film’s final act.


In a review earlier this year where I looked at my most eagerly-anticipated films of 2014, Wolf Creek 2 was on the list. I had reservations as to whether a sequel to a modern genre classic was necessary but was willing to make an exception if it had something different to offer. Sadly, Wolf Creek 2 is no more than a standard Ozploitation, splatter-fest, but in several ways it comes across as enjoyable enough with some clever suspense techniques thrown into the mix so its not entirely predictable. Worth a watch for fans of the original and for a casual viewing.

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