The Short Films of Dreamseekers Productions: Daniel (2014).


Daniel (2014) is the latest and most ambitious short yet from Dreamseekers Productions. Released this summer, Daniel is an ambiguous piece about a young boy (Jake Ryan Scott) hiding away in a closet from some thuggish intruders, but not everything is what it seems as Peter Dukes and his team once again surprise the audience with a disturbing twist that proves effective. Despite having the shortest run-time of 3:10 minutes, including credits and fade transitions, Daniel immediately draws the viewer in with a sense of intimidation in the atmosphere, providing plenty of intrigue as to what’s going on.


The run-time also means that the scare factor comes about fierce and  fast, leaving it long lasting in the mind. In terms of the colours and lighting used within the piece it echo’s a homage to the giallo sub-genre with bold reds and yellows adding to the tension. Each performance in the film is played well and convincingly for such a short time. The most prominent factor of the film is the role of the Quija board, bringing in extra creepiness, transforming the film from what seems like a home invasion to something far more insidious. Daniel is cleverly crafted as it manages to keep viewers engaged while bringing us in during the middle of the action, there is definitely feature film material at play here. Dreamseekers once again deserve a massive congratulations for creating yet another, interesting and inventive short.

You can watch Daniel (2014), via this Youtube link:

For more info on Dreamseekers Productions, visit:

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