Before The Conjuring….There Was….Annabelle! A Look at the 2014 trailer.


The Conjuring’s creepy doll Annabelle is to take centre stage this October in her very own movie. The sinister spin-off’s first trailer was released yesterday documenting the mysterious entity’s origin’s prior to being locked in the museum of Ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The brand new teaser is packed with  tense moments much like James Wan’s 2013 supernatural hit that its based from. In what seems like an idyllic suburban setting, a young couple with their lives ahead of them are terrorized by a demonic presence disguised in the seemingly innocent Annabelle doll sending shockwaves through the community. The film looks set to fright and delight audiences, reminding us why Annabelle gave us the chills last time round. John R. Leonetti is named as director, his past credits include cinematography work for The Mask (1994) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) as well as The Conjuring.  According to imdb there’s a UK release date of 10th October, perfect timing for Halloween! Let’s hope this prequel will deliver something atmospheric and eerie, defying expectations. Annabelle is set to be more than just a ‘killer doll’ movie.

Check out the trailer below:

Hayley Alice Roberts

Hayley’s Horror Reviews.

6 Responses to “Before The Conjuring….There Was….Annabelle! A Look at the 2014 trailer.”

  1. Glad to see an October released horror movie, it seems most studios release their various horrors in the summer these days, and that was one creepy doll! I have always found dolls seriously creepy..Dead Silence was great for the whole scary doll thing.

    • Hayley's Horror Reviews Says:

      Definitely, I’m really looking forward to this. Has the potential to be very scary! I’ve not seen Dead Silence yet but will make sure I do soon.

  2. An Annabelle living dead doll would be awesome, I worked in a comic shop for many years and they always sold fantastically, have a couple myself.

    • Hayley's Horror Reviews Says:

      Awesome! I’m hoping to collect all the major horror icons. So far I have Chucky, Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride.

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