Groovy News! Bruce Campbell in talks for Evil Dead TV Series!


Friday saw legendary director Sam Raimi announce at the San Diego Comic Con that he’s planning to develop an Evil Dead TV Series! Following the profitable success of Fede Alvarez 2013 re-imagining of the classic splatter-fest, video nasty, there’s clearly a gap in the market to continue the franchise! To add further excitement, the groovy star of the original trilogy, Bruce Campbell has confirmed that he’s planning to reprise his role as chainsaw arm wielding Ash in the upcoming series. Responding to a fan via Twitter, Campbell teased ‘that’s the plan’ when it was made clear there’s a certain demand for him to return.

**Warning: Spoiler Part!**

Continuity-wise, the series is said to tie in with the previous Evil Dead films including Alvarez Remake, which saw Campbell make a surprise cameo at the film’s end, teasing fans that there could be more to come possibly in the shape of a new sequel to the 2013 version or an Army of Darkness 2. Raimi is said to be developing ideas for the splattertastic new series along with brother Ivan and of course Campbell. Its more than pleasing to see that a game-changing yet banned movie from the 80’s that became a cult classic is continuing to live on and inspire more and more fans. This is certainly gore-worthy news that we should all keep our eyesballs on for more developments. It will be interesting to see how the film will transcend into a TV series, which characters will be included? Will it be super-gory?! Let’s hope so!

Hayley Alice Roberts.

Hayley’s Horror Reviews.


2 Responses to “Groovy News! Bruce Campbell in talks for Evil Dead TV Series!”

  1. Such fantastic news! Evil Dead 2 is one of the greatest movies of all time, the recent Evil Dead movie was ok, but definitely felt lacking without the greatness of Ash (cameo not withstanding).

  2. Hayley's Horror Reviews Says:

    Agreed. Big fan of the original trilogy. Found the remake took it too seriously. Wouldn’t be Evil Dead without Ash!

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