The Negative One (Music Video).


The masked, metal maniacs, Slipknot have made a comeback a dark and heavy new track, The Negative One. The band whom originated in Iowa, fronted by Corey Taylor (also the front man of Stone Sour) have released a disturbing and twisted video to accompany the spine-chilling new song. Its an ambiguous piece but demonstrates that the band have not gravitated from their former style despite the recent departure of drummer Joey Jordinson. It echoes the video to their popular 2004 hit Vermillion, in several ways, particularly the focus on a seemingly troubled, feral- like woman. The band do not feature in the video itself however it provides distorted and unnerving imagery that could be a hint toward what’s to come in terms of their untitled fifth album. Impressive comeback so far. There’s already potential for this one to feature on a future Ghostface Girls ‘Creepy Music Videos’ project.

The Negative One Music Video:

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