Sneak Preview: Ryan M. Andrews, Save Yourself Trailer & Stills.

Happy March horror freaks! To kick off the site this month here’s a sneak preview of the female fronted Canadian horror/thriller, Save Yourself. Starring indie Scream Queens Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare) and Tristan Risk (American Mary), Save Yourself follows five female filmmakers heading out to LA in order to attend a big movie premiere. Along the way one of these fearless females goes missing and the remaining four find themselves in danger as a mad scientist plans to use them for some twisted and mysterious research!

The team behind the film including director Ryan M. Andrews (Sick: Survive the Night) and producer Jessica Cameron promise well-written strong women and the challenging of horror stereotypes while creating a visually appealing and artful film. Save Yourself has completed post-production and is ready to hit the festival circuit later this year. Save Yourself is set to be the movie that celebrates everything women in horror which is exceptionally cool. It’ll be one to watch out for in 2015!






Hayley Alice Roberts

Hayley’s Horror Reviews.


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