Love Horror Reviews (March 2015).


John Watts’s Clown (2014):


Joseph O’ Brien’s American Ghost Story (2014) (Aka. Devil’s Mile):

Hayley Alice Roberts

Hayley’s Horror Reviews.

2 Responses to “Love Horror Reviews (March 2015).”

  1. Devil’s Mile, does look absolutely awful from the trailer, I was initially interested in this considering it had David Hayter in it (he is the voice behind Solid Snake in the Metal Gear games and was the Guyver in Dark Hero, so I’m a bit of a fan) but I think I shall give it a big miss, thanks for the warning Hayley.

  2. Hayley's Horror Reviews Says:

    Its been a while since I’ve seen a movie that feels like a chore to sit through, but this was utterly terrible. I would have turned it off much sooner if I wasn’t reviewing it. It took me ages to find any info on imdb about it because of Metrodome’s stupid re-titling!

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