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Celluloid Screams 2012: Day One Coverage

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Robert Nevitt has once again put together a diverse and entertaining festival at the Showroom Cinema located in Sheffield. Accompanied by a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the standard of Horror that was selected to play at the festival was absolutely exceptional, we had plenty of zombies, blood, guts, gore, laughs, a ginger faced man, some cenobites and surgery plus much much more. In the coverage I have put together some vlogs as well as additional footage of Q&A’s. I hope you can enjoy and endure the horror to come!

**Note: Apologies for some of the video quality!**

A brief video summary from me!

Certified (2011) (UK Premiere)

Celluloid Screams opened up with this quirky little short which depicted a sense of paranoid horror and how effective the words from an “innocent” child can be as well as the naivety of adults. A bumbling postman encounters a frightmare of a first day when he enters the home of a young girl and her Aunt. While the Aunt is out of the room the girl begins to tell the horrifying tale of her family’s demise down the mines, however not all is quite as it seems. The short was a very light-hearted and a very enjoyable way to kick things off; it received lots of laughs from the audience. Certified also gave a nice little nod to 1950’s horror comics and with a reminiscence towards Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt.

Sightseers (2012) + Q&A with Director Ben Wheatley

Sightseers is a darkly humored, black comedy about a seemingly introverted woman named Tina (played by Alice Lowe) who escapes the clutches of her “invalid” mother to take a caravaning holiday with her new boyfriend Chris (Played by Steve Oram). Love is in the air as the couple set off into the picturesque Yorkshire countryside, however events soon take a dark turn when Chris’s neurotic behavior turns deadly!! Steve Oram and Alice Lowe played their roles superbly as the strange couple with very naturalistic performances and it is clear they had a lot of fun getting into their characters. The strength of the film comes from their acting as well as the hilarious comedy elements in the dialogue. The film displayed some interesting and unique cinematography and editing that creates an outstanding effect and really brings out its typically British style. As for the horror, its brutal and bloody but laugh out loud at the same time, there’s also an unexpected cameo from Seamus O’ Neill (Jim in INBRED) which was a welcome treat! “He’s a nice man” one of the characters remarks, which came off as very tongue in cheek! Sightseers truly captures the essence of what its like being in a new relationship, and depicts all the highs and lows with a goretastic horror metaphor in the background! There’s romance, sex, jealousy, murder and dog-napping! Sightseers has plenty of unexpected twists and turns to keep the audience on edge, an infectious 80’s soundtrack and outstanding direction from Ben Wheatley. Perfect for fans of horror, Brit Flicks and romcoms!

Odokuro (2011) (UK Premiere)

Narrated by Gary Numan, Odokuro is a visually intriguing stop-motion animation which sees a skeleton of a rat-monkey come to life in a room full of cursed objects.  The short is a hybrid between notions of horror and sci-fi and is labelled as having a “Sci-Fi twist”. Its mesmerizing to watch and cleverly made with a delicious gothic tone to it. A definite highlight from the selection of shorts that screened this year.

NightBreed: The Cabal Cut (1990/2012) + Q&A with Restoration Director Russell Cherrington, and Actors Nick Vince and Simon Bamford

Finally gaining the opportunity to view NightBreed was a real treat. Its no secret that the project had a shaky time during it’s production where the initial release bared hardly any resemblance to the wonderful master of Horror Clive Barker’s original novel. Scenes had been removed by the film’s producers at the time twenty years ago as they allegedly wanted to market the film as a “slasher”. But now thanks to the amazing work of Russell Cherrington, NightBreed: The Cabal Cut has finally been unleashed onto the big screen so that genre fans can get to see the piece of film they deserve. NightBreed is a devastating and profound tale about prejudice and how one person is capable of destroying the lives of others. A horror metaphor is used once more to convey the subject matter and it incorporates some wonderful imagery, the make up on the mutants of  Midian is truly unforgettable.

The story focuses on a young man named Aaron Boone (Played by Craig Sheffer) who is haunted by nightmares of an underground city known as Midian where the monsters lurk and become accepted into a way of society. Boone takes the advice from his girlfriend Lori and attends meetings with the psychotherapist Dr Phillip K. Decker. Decker possesses some dark secrets and convinces Boone he is responsible for partaking in some horrendous murders. Boone runs into some of the breed and is subsequently killed by the police, however due to his encounter he is brought back and joins them in their underground world, now Lori is determined to find Boone again and begins to explore the dark wold of Midian for herself. Following viewing the Cabal Cut, it is almost impossible to imagine how the story would have transitioned without those vital scenes. The footage is very dark and difficult to make out in parts, although the team are working hard to alter this but they have seriously done so well with what they have achieved through reviving all the old footage from VHS format and bringing it in. Russell Cherrington and the crew have done a tremendous job in breathing a new life into the film and ensuring its seen how Clive Barker always intended. A future DVD and Blu-Ray release would be fantastic.

Day Two and Three coming to terrify you soon….!

Hayley Alice Roberts.

“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!!” A Closer look at what to expect from the Abertoir Horror Festival 2012!

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Within 48 hours the Abertoir Horror Festival early-bird passes sold out faster than the body count rate from a 80’s slasher film, but fear not passes are still available at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre for the bargain price of £58 and will provide gore-hounds with six days of unstoppable horror and mayhem! Abertoir’s Seventh year promises to be its biggest and best yet featuring its usual mix of classic horror, brand new features and shorts as well as live music, comedy and theatre. Gaz Bailey and the team are currently working hard to secure the best recent genre films and a variety of special guests.

It has been announced that the festival will open on November 6th with the new BFI release of Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining, this new cut will provide an extra 24 minutes of never before seen footage for the first time in the UK, so get your axes at the ready cos Johnny will be HEEERE!!!

Professor Peter Hutchings, the horror academic who specialises in Hammer films will be presenting an introduction prior to the screening of Quatermass and the Pit and Gavin Baddeley is returning with another of his fangtastic talks, this year he will discuss what makes a horror film a horror film! What’s wonderful about Abertoir is it really gives its audience an insight into the depths of horror and teaches fans something about their beloved genre by including these guests.

Last year saw a heart-warming and emotional talk and presentation by Victoria Price on her father’s legacy and connection to Wales. Abertoir wouldn’t be Abertoir without a screening of a Vincent Price classic in celebration of the beloved actor’s contribution to the genre. This year will see a 3D screening of The Mad Magician from 1954 and Abertoir will be the first festival in the UK to screen the film in its 3D format.

This year’s festival has a sub-theme dedicated to Italian cinema and will be welcoming the guest of honour Catriona MacColl who will be in attendance for the screening of the classic Fulci film The Beyond. 

And now for the attraction I am looking forward to the most! Get your newspapers, confetti and suspenders at the ready and come and do the time warp again as Abertoir’s traditional party will be taking on the theme of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, guaranteed to leave the audience thrilled, chilled and fulfilled! The cult musical will be celebrated in all its Transylvanian glory as guests will be encouraged to dress up and sing along with the quirky musical numbers, it’s certainly a different set of jaws! The screening will be followed by live music from Doctor Caligari and DJ Dellamorte, I hope to see you all dancing the night away!

Another exciting feature this year is the re-mastered screening of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed titled The Cabal Cut. The film was originally released in 1990 with significant scenes lost into footage obscurity. It has since resurfaced as two separate work prints combined with scenes from the theatrical release, creating this never before seen re-mastered version! The film will be followed by a Q&A with the cast and crew. It would be hellish to miss it!  

If that’s not enough to get your blood boiling with excitement I don’t know what is! The organisers are in the final stages of gathering the line-up together and from what they have teased us with so far its going to be the most successful year yet with plenty to sink our teeth into! As its grown over the years Abertoir has become a community for fans and filmmakers to network, it has a very relaxed, welcoming and friendly atmosphere! We promise we don’t bite!

Call the Arts Centre Box Office on 01970 623232 and grab yourselves a pass and I’ll see you in November (6th-11th).

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Hayley Alice Roberts.

For a taster of what to expect from Abertoir check out the promo from last year which I was fortunate enough to be involved in making:

Abertoir Horror Festival Promo 2011

Hayley Alice Roberts